2020 Challenges

Last Year’s Challenges and Their Results!

An image of a rube goldberg machine with a gray background

Round 1 Challenges!

This week challenges invite you to think like artists and engineers and create inventions and works of art to inspire care for the planet.

The world is our home and like the house we live in, deserves our attention, respect, and care so that it will be a home for living things for future generations. People are working to help us preserve our planet through their ideas, inventions and positive messages. Many scientists and engineers invent technology to save energy and take care of pollution, monitor the climate, and recommend ways that people can help reduce what they use and keep the planet and air clean.  Many poets, artists and others work to create awareness, share solutions and inspire care of our earth.

An image of a river flowing over rocks

Round 2 Challenges!

This week’s challenges invite you to think like artists and engineers and explore how we are all connected through air, water, life, and land. 

Everything on earth is connected.  The air lets us breathe and provides space for the clouds to tell a story.  Water helps our plants grow, and sitting beside a waterfall can nurture the spirit.  Bumble bees pollinate our flowers, and puppies make us smile.  Soil nurtures the vegetables we love and gives us sustanence to build beautiful pottery.  All actions in our world influences a myriad of other actions.  In this week’s challenges, dig into the wonders of our world.  Explore the Ocean.  Wander along a River.  Investigate the Desert.  Recreate a Rainforest.

An image of a hand holding up a paper heart on a stick in front of a blue background

Round 3 Challenges!

This week’s challenges invite you to use your creativity for a Kindness Campaign. 

Taking the time to spread kindness has the potential to change lives.  Small acts of kindness help others to feel connected.  Not only does the recipient benefit, but the giver also feels joy from knowing that he or she helped someone else in a meaningful way.  Some acts of kindness are directed toward a specific individual, while others can be random offering a smile, a laugh, or thankfulness that has the potential to spread to others.  In this round, we encourage you to delve into the problems others are facing and create in the name of change.