Round 2 Challenges!

For this month’s challenges, delve into the science behind how earth’s cycles influence each other or explore the beauty in nature through environmental artwork.

An image of a river flowing over rocks

Challenge 1: Create a Science Habitat

Show how our world is interconnected through science habitat dioramas or build your own ecosystem and monitor the progress.


Create an ecosystem in a soda or pop bottle.

Design a Terrarium

Build a Tabletop Biosphere

Use a shoebox to tell the story of an ecosystem

Websites with examples:

Challenge 2: Recycle, Reuse, or Repurpose to create art and a story of nature

Think about the role of air, water, life, and land.  Create a piece of artwork using objects found in nature or from the recycling bin.


Design or take pictures of clouds to tell a story

Write a poem about water or take a few pictures that capture the flow – rivers, waterfalls, lakes, or the ocean

Reimagine animals at play – find acorns, pine cones, other items in nature, and turn them into miniature animals living their best lives

Create a fairy garden using moss, tree branches, grass, berries, and stones

Helpful Websites:

Due: November 30th!

Challenge Responses!