Round 3 Challenges!

This month’s challenges ask you to travel in time and think about history and travel in your community and think mathematically. 

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Challenge 1: Historical Board Game

Create a board game (or card game) that takes players through an important historical event/time period. Make sure to include a picture of the game board/cards, rules and directions to play, and all of the pieces required to play. Example: Players might try to survive a natural disaster such as the Great Chicago Fire, or attempt to navigate the Ancient Egyptian financial system. 

Challenge 2: Math Challenge

Graphing a community problem. Consider any issues or challenges that you have seen in your community which impact community members. For example: average reading levels at your local high school, limited access to WiFi, lack of access to public transportation, etc. Use resources such as your local library, community members, and online resources to learn more about this issue. Create a graph to represent the information you collected. Make sure to include a key, color-coding, labels, and/or written explanations to ensure your graph is easily understood. 

Due: January 31st

Challenge Responses!