Round 4 Challenges!

This month’s challenges invite you to use your creativity for a Kindness Campaign. 

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Challenge 1: Create an Invention with the “Soul” Purpose of Helping Others

How can inventions make things easier for those around us?  For this round, focus on creating a plan or making a product to help the people and pets that you love.  Think of something that would be helpful for a friend, a neighbor, a family member, your teacher, a pet, or a character from a book, movie, or television series.  Post a description of your plan of action or a picture of the product you create.


Create a plan or make a product that would help your teacher or your parents.  Think about ways that you could make experiences easier during class. Think about an invention that could take care of a household chore such as this plant watering device.

 Create an invention that could help your puppy have a better day.

Think of a character in a book who could have used a tool in order to save the day.  Make the tool using materials you can find at home.

Challenge 2: Create Artwork or Use Storytelling to Ignite a Kindness Campaign.

Think about how music, art, and stories can change the world.  Music can take you on a journey of the struggle of others and the joy of overcoming problems.  Artwork makes people reflect deeply on topics that humans face.  Stories provide us with strategies for dealing with personal issues.  For this challenge, focus on happy endings and how to make this happen. 


Write a poem that can be shared at the next presidential election – one that calls others to action.  See Amanda Gorman’s poem here for inspiration.  

Write the lyrics to a song where someone helps a person in need.  Post the lyrics or record the actual song.

Draw images of people helping others during historical events or using current events.  Find a place to share your pictures.

Write a picture book where a character helps others find happiness.  Use paper and markers to illustrate the book or a tech tool to bring the story to life.

Write a poem about a historical event and the “superhero” who brought about change for those who were struggling.

Challenge 3: Use the scientific method to answer a question related to kindness and well-being or to demonstrate a scientific principle that may also relate to kindness.


Scientific experiment:  Ask a question, then design an experiment that includes a way to collect data to answer it.

Will plants thrive when they hear kind words?

Who says more kind words during the day, teachers or students?

What happens when you increase the number of kind words you use during the day?

Demonstrate a scientific principle:   Think about the laws of physics, energy, and so forth and demonstrate a concept you can relate to kindness.  For example, if you cover a candle with a cup, the candle goes out.  Why?  If you ignore a bully in school, how would it be similar to putting the cup over a candle?

At this link, they demonstrate how unkind words can never be taken back just as you can’t put tooth paste back into a tube.   This demonstrates vacuum and pressure and the power of unkind words that you can never take back.

The Kindness Experiment

Due: February 28th!

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