Round 1 Challenges!

Here are two challenges to whet your appetite with regard to environmental protection: 

An image of a rube goldberg machine with a gray background

Challenge 1

 Create a Rube Goldberg machine that completes one of the following environmentally friendly activities:

Crushes a soda can for recycling

Puts an item in a recycle bin

Turns off a light

Waters a plant

Plants a seed

Pulls a weed from the garden

See if you can make one that has at least two steps.

Here is a website with good directions for making a Rube Goldberg machine:

Challenge 2

Create a work of art or a poem that conveys a positive message about environmental protection such as why we should care, how we can recycle and reduce waste, and how we can conserve resources. For artwork, try to use recycled/environmentally friendly materials or only materials found in nature such as twigs and leaves.  The following websites have good examples for you.

Due: October 30th!

Challenge Responses!

Sashtika Round 1 Challenge 2 Project!

Team Sashtika's Project! Art from Environment Friendly Materials:Pangolin, which is the world’s most trafficked and an endangered animal.  The body is made of wheat flour mixed with water,  scales are made of Pistachio shells and  eyes made of black pepper.Poem about...

CAT Round 1 Challenge 1 Project!

Team CAT's Project! Team Members:  Chloe W. Tyler D. Adriana H. From: Charlotte-Mecklenburg SchoolsOur product  , Fan-Off, turns off a fan . We made a ramp with a plate on the end  of the ramp . A ball would push the plate into a bucket . The bucket will fall and turn...